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Parce que la vie doit se vivre comme une gourmandise, avec délice !


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Emois Gourmands Ltd will cease its trade activities at the end of April 2018.

Although this may be a set back for our dear customers who could find with us unique French boutique wines and gourmet artisan products (only sold by us in the UK and found at La Grande Epicerie in Paris), we can say that this journey was absolutely beautiful, providing an amazing learning curve and stepping stone for our next adventure !

As per our NewsLetter sent on Monday 16th April, we are offering our wines at a discount while stocks last and organising two Pop-Up Sales on Monday 23/04 and Friday 27/04

You may contact us at for more details until April 30th 2018.

Emois Gourmands is ​a small London based company dedicated to sourcing French Boutique Wines and Gourmet Artisan Products, made with expertise and love, available in small quantity only, for a limited period of time for some of them

Emois Gourmands is about bringing to your palate this unique luxurious experience, combining authenticity and exclusivity in London, and the rest of the Kingdom !

Emois Gourmands is an invitation to travel through your senses, ​the promise of a story never told before