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Château Tayac - Côtes de Bourg, Bordelais / Bordeaux region

Méthode Traditionnelle - 75cl - £20

FLASH SALE - £14 / bottle

Sparkling white wine, traditional method

Blanc de Blanc  : 100% Chardonnay

Refined light bubbles with light floral notes, refreshing acidity. Best served chilled (9°C) with aperitifs to desserts, could compliment a whole meal

Champagne Michel Tixier Grande Année Brut - 75cl - £29 


FLASH SALE - £25 / bottle


Champagne produced by Domaine Michel Tixier in the AOC Champagne region. Blend (40% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, 20% pinot Meunier) of fine bubbles, the nose is on candied fruits such as pineapple or fig followed by honey and toasted notes. The palate is mineral with notes of liquorice. Its full body complements very well a meal of game or fresh water fish.


* Gold medal by its pair and starred by Hachette des Vins

Champagne Michel Tixier - AOC Champagne

Bubbly to tickle and lighten your spirit... 

What is the ‘Champenoise’ or Traditional method ? This terminology is used to describe the method of making Champagne, the name Champagne being nowadays only used for wines produced in the Champagne region according to AOC criteria. So the « Traditional Method » (second fermentation) refers to what is considered the most meticulous if not to say prestigious way of making sparkling wines, even if they do not hold the AOC.