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Bipertegia AOP

from Espelette, Basque Country, South West of France

Poudre de Piment d'Espelette - 40g - £5.5

Espelette Pimento Powder

Purée de Piment d'Espelette - 90g - £4.5

Espelette Pimento Purée - hot

Délice de Piment Doux d'Espelette - 100g - £4.5

Espelette Pimento Delice - medium hot

Gelée de Piment d'Espelette - 120g - £4.5

Espelette Pimento Jelly - Sweet and Sour

Sold separately

​* for mustard, see mustard section

L'Atelier des Saveurs

from Brittany, France

Confit d'Oignons au Miel

Onion and Honey Confit

Confit de Poire aux Epices

Pear and Spices Confit

Confit de Pomme au Pommeau

Apple and Pommeau Confit

Confit de Poire et de Mangue

Pear and Mango Confit

Confit de Mirabelle au Cumin

Mirabel with Cumin Confit

Rougail de Chou-Fleur 

Cauliflower  Rougail (Creole recipe from La Réunion Island)

Sold separately - jar 106 ml - £4 per unit

L'Apiculteur d'Itxassou

from the Basque Country, South West of France

"Les confitures d'Amatxi"

Coing au Piment d'Espelette - 200g - £6

Quince Jam with Espelette Pimento
Basque delicacy from sweetness with a hint of chili 
quince (70%), sugar (60%), lemon juice and Espelette pimento AOC (1%)

Pierre Oteiza

Les Aldudes, Basque Country, South West of France

Cerises au vinaigre - £8

Cherries in Vinegar

Cherries with pits, sugar, water, white vinegar, alcohol, red vinegar and balsamic vinegar. 3% vol.

Lightly sweet and sour, the cherries with vinegar highlights the taste of white meats, cold or warm.

Condiments, so tasty they could be enjoyed on their own