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Still Red Wine

Brana Irouleguy 2011- 75cl - £24

Cabernet Franc 60%, Tannat 30% and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%

Nose: small red berries and spices

Palate: smooth texture and long aromatic finish

Alcohol: 13.5°

Enjoyed best: 17°C, paired with red meat or venison

To keep for 10 to 20 years.

Bizi Berri 2012 - 75cl - £45

means "New Life" in basque

Blend of three red varieties of grapes two of which had disappeared – Arrouya and Erremaxaou - and have been reintroduced by the Brana family, the third one being Cabernet Franc

Nose: pronounced notes of spices and pepper

Palate: elegant, silky texture and long aromatic finish

Alcohol: 13.5°

Enjoyed best:  17°C, paired with red meats

To keep around 15 years.

Still White Wine

Albedo 2014 - 75cl - £23

Petit Manseng 50%,  Petit Courbu 50%

Nose: grapefruit and mandarin with a hint of boxwood flower

Palate: sharp, well balanced and mineral

Alcohol: 13.5°
Enjoyed best: 12°C, paired with fish and seafood dishes.

Domaine Brana

This family story goes back to 1897 when Pierre-Etienne Brana became a wine-merchant in Ustaritz. 87 years later his son Etienne helped by his wife Adrienne and their two children, Jean and Martine, launched their production of AOC Irouleguy wines, attentive to tradition and know-how and reviving local grape varieties. Domaine Brana was the first vineyard in this region of France to gain the HVE Level 3 distinction [High Environmenal Value] for its work for the promotion of viticulture and biodiversity.