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Domaine Jacques Tissot - Jura AOC

Jacques and Michelle TISSOT created the Domaine in 1962 with a plot inherited from his father, and the first vintage of vin jaune was bottled in 1969, a legendary year. The Domaine now covers 30 hectares in the Arbois, Arbois-Pupillin and Côtes du Jura appellation areas. Their children, Philippe and Nathalie, joined them a few years ago.

The domaine employs integrated vine-growing methods: minimised use of vine protection products made possible by tillage and leaving grass between the rows of vines. The return of numerous types of insects and increased biodiversity is a sure sign that nature is coming back to life in the vineyards.

Every year the Domaine boasts a collection of awards (on average 20)  for its traditional and innovative products​.

Still White Wine

Arbois 2012- AOC - 75cl - £23

100% Savagnin

​A blend from different plots, notably: Les Bruyères, La Mailloche, and En Sauvagny, on grey Lias marl soils on a largely south-west facing slope​. Grapes mainly hand-picked. Fermentation in a temperature-controlled tank. Ageing in 228-litre barrels previously used for maturing yellow wine, stored in attics for about 36 months​

Colour: Brilliant and clear golden yellow colour
Nose: dried fruits, almonds, quince jelly with hints of rhubarb jam
Palate: It has a wonderful attack with beautiful balance, very fine and smooth.
Warm notes during the finish which are typical of Savagnin.
Alcohol: 13%

Enjoyed best: 10 to 13°C 

** To drink know and keep for 10 to 15 years.

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