French Wines and Gourmet Food
Parce que la vie doit se vivre comme une gourmandise, avec délice !


​To Nurture the Aesthete in You

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Wonderful 2015

​* Wine Tasting Dinner on 21st June 2015 - Launch of Emois Gourmands

​* Invitation to snugged private Tasting on 12 September 2015

* Wine Tasting dinner on 19 November 2015

* Christmas Fair at Chelsea Town Hall 5 & 6 December

Amazing 2017

​* Wine Tasting Lunch "Le vin blanc sec n'est pas que 'crisp' ou chardonnay !" on 12th January 2017

* EMLyon Alumni Wine Tasting Dinner on 8th February 2017

* Hamper Box for your Loved One on St Valentine 14th February 2017

* Wine Tasting Lunch "Vin roue - sec ou sucr´e, tranquille ou pétillant, des fruits rouges aux arômes tertiaires, la compléxité d'un nectar au 1001 cépages" on 23rd February 2017

* Emois Gourmands proud supporter at Gala APL Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres on 24th March 2017

* Vente Privée - private Sale on 20th September 2017

* Emois Gourmands proud supporter of Citizenship Foundation Gala October 2017

* Cheese and Wine Tasting "Comté et Savagnin"  ​- To be confirmed

* FESTIVE SEASON 2017 Christmas Sales - To be confirmed

Wine Delicacies Groceries Gourmet Tasting Private Fair Hamper Gift

Sumptuous 2016

​* Hamper Box for your Loved One on St Valentine 14th February 2016

* Emois Gourmands proud supporter at Gala APL on March 2016

* Success Fair 2016 at Baden Powell House, London SW7 on 19th April 2016 from 10am to 4pm

* Sparkling Wine Tasting - Emois Gourmands proud sponsor Charity Concert for Serge Betsen Academy on Saturday 21st May 2016

* Emois Gourmands proud supporter of Every Steps Counts Campaign by
Handicap International Dinner on Thursday 9th June 2016

* Wine Tasting Dinner on 29/06/2016

* Emois Gourmands proud supporter of Science Po Alumni Gala October 2016

* Wine Tasting Lunch 'Bulles et Pétillance" on 1st December 2016

* FESTIVE SEASON 2016 Christmas Sales

The place to be and try new delicacies, the place to meet and share with connoisseurs, the place to live as a true aesthete...We organise wine and delicacy tastings, attend fairs, sponsor charity events and always offer a bespoke and beautiful solution for Not To Miss Dates of the Year. Keep in touch with our events by visiting regularly our page and simply registering with our free monthly Newsletter