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We love bees for everything they do, and for that delicacy they have been giving us since... as far as the glacial era ! There is archaeological evidence that Apis mellifica was domesticated by the Egyptians as early as the Ancient Empire. Indeed honey (and mead) was already praised for its culinary, medicinal and aromatic properties (perfumes).

Although less present in everyday life, honey is still renowned for its dietary, nutritional, therapeutic (antioxidant, antiseptic, prebiotic, purgative) qualities.

We could not do without including some of it in our list of gourmandises you may get from us. These are made by bees in the Basque Country, in the Pyrénées, France, and collected by an amazing beekeeper who was awarded Chevalier de l'ordre du Mérite Agricole  in 1996 for his dedication to traditional methods and environmental preservation.

​​Miel d'Acacia - Acacia flower honey - jar 250g - £ 6.5 
It is listed as the most precious for its healing properties. This aromatic honey increases appetite and replenishes lost energy. It is said to regulate secretion of acid in the stomach and to help prevent bronchial disturbances, as well people that suffer from insomnia or are exposed to stress and tension during the day. Acacia honey is best to use every morning, one tea spoon before breakfast (if needed use more), or dissolved in warm water, milk, tea, or even better in apple vinegar. It is recommended to use it with chamomile tea, because it increases the effect of both tea and honey.

Miel de Bourdaine -  Glossy Buckthorn honey - jar 250g      £ 6
Buckthorn honey is traditional from this region of France. This honey shows balsamic aromas, and compliments very well fromage frais , yogurt, fresh goat cheese.
It is said to help to improve intestinal transit in constipation, helps to stimulate a lazy stomach

Miel de Fleurs -
Mixed Flower honey - jar 250g     £ 6

Miel de Flore Sauvage des Pyrénées

Wild Flower from the Pyrenees honey - jar 250g       £ 6.5  
This honey is very aromatic and of darker shades, according to what the bees will have found in the meadows and forests

Miel de Thym -
Thyme Flower honey - jar 250g      £ 6
Thyme honey has powerful antioxidant properties, may help prevent prostrate, breast and endometrial cancers, has antibacterial action, and is rich in vitamins

​​L'Apiculteur d'Itxassou

Honey from the Basque Country, South West of France

Honey from fluffy gourmet bees