French Wines and Gourmet Food
Parce que la vie doit se vivre comme une gourmandise, avec délice !


​To Nurture the Aesthete in You

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Red Pink White Still Wine
Pink White Sparkling Wine

Those boutique wines may be enjoyed now or kept for many years to reveal themselves even more. They are only distributed by Emois Gourmands Ltd in the UK and it is through building a trust relationship with the winemaker that Emois Gourmands are able today to present and offer them to you.

They may be ordered by case of six bottles, mixed or of the same wine, and will be delivered free in Central London. Any delivery outside Central London to be discussed and priced accordingly

Wine should be enjoyed like a good book, unravelling its magic and mystery as you turn the pages. 

A book you keep and you go back to because you like the music of its words.

Wine tells a story about the terroir where the vine grows, about the people who nurture the grape and know how to bottle poetry.

Wine is an affair of the heart.

​The wines selected by Emois Gourmands are often of small production, very small sometimes when the year is exceptional, and have gained recognition and awards through time, recommended by prestigious French guides like Bettane & DesseauveGault et Millau and Hachette des Vins.