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Exceptional selection of interesting wines discovered in a friendly and enjoyable event, accompagned by delicious food. Thank you for organising those events.

Didier M

We discovered Emois Gourmands through friends who invited us on one of Cecile's wine tasting events. We spent quite am enjoyable evening, not only learning about wines's technicalities, which Cecile smoothly delivers between courses as a certified sommelier, but also about her personal experience sourcing yet unknown treasures and sharing her enthusiasm with all of us there.

Thierry P 

Thank you Cécile for sharing with us your passion for wines and fine tastes through an exquisite diner. Great time and a delightful experience to renew with friends. Absolutely.

Agnes and L M

We discovered Emois Gourmands when participating to a very enjoyable event last June. This was the opportunity for great discoveries, especially the one of Domaine de Tara Mi Figue Mi Raisin, which we have now regularly been pairing with puddings, to our friends great pleasure. We also had the opportunity to discover incredibly good jams from Provence, which are now basics in our house. We look forward to Cecile’s next event, and would be delighted to be introduced to new wine sensations, or to the sake world!

Elisabeth I

Notre diner "Emois Gourmands" fut une experience trés agréable et enrichissante. Les plats proposés étaient de grande qualité mais surtout les vins présentés par Cécile ont retenu toute notre attention. Ils étaient soigneusement choisis, tous de grande qualité mais également originaux. Cécile sait présenter et décrire les vins avec de nombreuses informations et une grande attention aux details. Nous avons appris beaucoup de choses.

A & V B

Great company, great food, I had a fantastic time at Emois Gourmands.  It was clear that Cecile and her team were very knowledgeable on their wines, carefully hand-selected from the hidden-most corners of the South of France.  We were impressed in particular to learn that they have a particular talent of convincing mom-and-pop wineries, who otherwise do not sell outside France, to offer their great wines to Emois Gourmands.  I tried 7 of these wines on my tasting night (in full-portion, with very generous quantities!) - and enjoyed them all, especially as there's no way I could've come across these myself.

Ingrid T

They say it best...

Extremely tasty and fruity the jams are Madeleine de Proust to me ! They recall flavor long forgotten.

Laure M

Cecile puts all her passion and expertise into choosing beautiful wines and products.

Caroline E

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